The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a care delivery model where a patient receives coordinated treatment. Their primary care physician (doctor) will provide the necessary care when and where they need it, in a way they can understand.

As a patient, you will be able to select a primary care physician (doctor) who will have his/her own health care team to serve you. The health care team assists the physician in making sure that all of your needs are met. The Doctor, the Health Care Team and you will work on achieving your agreed upon health care goals.

Patient Centered Medical Home advantages are:

  • A Personal Physician (Doctor) plus a Health Care Team
  • Caring for you as a whole person correctly and safely
  • Connecting you to other services that you need

Your health care team is dedicated to being there for you when you are sick, and working with you to stay healthy. This team will help you find your way through the health system. Your health care team may be:

  • a Physician (Doctor)
  • a Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner
  • a Nurse or Medical Assistant
  • a Health Educator
  • a Behavioral/Mental health provider, and
  • Other health care staff.

As your personal physician (Doctor) and Medical Home Team we will:

  • Listen to your concerns and questions.
  • Explain diseases, treatment, and results in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Give you clear directions about medications and treatments.
  • Keep all of your information confidential.
  • Provide you with same day appointments whenever possible.
  • Provide you with 24-hour physician access.
  • Send you to a trusted Specialist.
  • Help develop a clear health plan about your treatment goals and what you can expect.

As our patient, your responsibilities are:

  • Help us develop your care plan with you so you can follow your plan.
  • Write down a list of concerns and questions so that we can talk about them.
  • Keep a list of your medications including over the counter medications and bring them to your visits.
  • Let us know if you have gone to an emergency room or hospital. Check with us before you go, whenever possible.
  • When you go somewhere else for treatment, let them know that Clinicas and a Clinicas physician is your Doctor and give them permission to share the information from your visit with Clinicas.
  • We want to help you take care of your health.

Clinicas del Camino Real, Inc. is PCMH Certified by the Joint Commission